Wear & Tear Inspections

Wear & Tear Inspections

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) sets standards for assessing fair wear and tear that is identified when the vehicle you leased is handed back to the company.

BVRLA’s definition of fair wear and tear is as follows:

“Fair Wear and Tear occurs when normal usage causes acceptable deterioration to a vehicle. It is not to be confused with damage, which occurs as a result of a specific event or series of events such as impacts, inappropriate stowing of items, harsh treatment, negligent acts or omissions”.

This is the standard at the heart of our wear and tear inspections at Stratton Smart in Stockport.

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Our wear and tear inspection is thorough. If we identify any damage likely to fall outside the BVRLA’s standard of fair wear and tear, we’ll not only tell you but also suggest the appropriate repair methods. Repairing the vehicle before you return it to the leasing company is clearly preferable – and typically less expensive – than having the company charge you for those repairs.

The majority of repairs we are able to carry out here at Stratton Smart – usually in less than a day and at a cost of up to 50% less than a traditional body shop!

We inspect the condition of the vehicle bodywork, interior, glass and wheels/trims. On the basis of that inspection, we will identify the repairs required and as reflected in the BVRLA’s fair wear and tear standards:

  •   Essential Repair – this is damage beyond BVRLA’s fair wear & tear standard, and must be rectified to avoid the lease company charging you to rectify them;
  •   Desirable Repair – this is damage which might be considered “light”, “minor” or otherwise permitted within the fair wear and tear standards, but which a leasing company might nevertheless still assess as chargeable;
  •   Fair Wear & Tear – this damage is within BVRLA’s fair wear and tear standard and should not result in a charge.

So that your vehicle may be booked in at a time convenient for you, we ask that you request your fair wear and tear inspection approximately ten weeks before the vehicle is due for return to the lease company.

It is also important that you get your vehicle to us cleaned (inside and out), recently washed, dry and at a time of day when light conditions are good. If it is not supplied in this way, Stratton Smart will proceed with the inspection in so far as is possible, but the effectiveness and thoroughness of the inspection will be limited, and regrettably no discount or refund will be available.

Windscreen repair

If you are looking for a windscreen repair company in Stockport, Stratton Smart offers a fast, highly professional, convenient and cost effective solution.

Why repair?

A chip or crack in your windscreen is potentially very dangerous. Clearly, it represents a weak point in the glass, which may break at any time. If the crack is at eye level and obscures your view of the road ahead, the danger is even more serious.

In the past, you might have been tempted to replace the entire windscreen if it had a chip or crack. At Stratton Smart, we are completely up with the times with modern techniques, and can save you the expense of a whole windscreen replacement by making a safe, lasting and thoroughly professional repair of any reasonably small chip or crack – one that is less than about the diameter of a £1 coin.

Windscreen cracks and your MOT

If your vehicle is more than 3 years old, it is almost certain to need an MOT each year.

Because of the safety concerns of even the smallest crack obscuring your vision of the road ahead, or spreading and leading to the whole windscreen blowing at speed, the MOT test pays particular attention to the condition of the windscreen (along with the windscreen washers and wipers too).

If the windscreen is chipped or cracked, your vehicle may fail its MOT. The professionals you contact here at Stratton Smart can advise you whether the windscreen needs to be repaired – or replaced – before you enter the vehicle for its annual MOT test.

Windscreen insurance

You might have taken the precaution of buying a motor insurance policy that covers the repair or replacement of a damaged windscreen.

This is all very well, but making a claim on your insurance is rarely a straight forward matter and almost always seem to take a long time to resolve. You also have no guarantee that the standard of work done by the insurance company’s chosen supplier is anything like as competent as ours.

Avoid what might turn into a two week wait, and be certain of a thoroughly professional windscreen repair by contacting us here at Stratton Smart and – anywhere in the Manchester or Greater Manchester area – our mobile units can get to you straight away. And that means whether the vehicle is with you at home, parked where you work or on the open road.

Window tinting

You don’t have to be a rock star or some other celebrity to have tinted windows in your vehicle.

You might be surprised just how long a list there is of the benefits:

  •   there is certainly the privacy and comfort that tinted windows bring, of course;
  •   but there’s also the stylish, elegant and prestige look it gives practically any vehicle – and there’s no harm in passersby and other road users thinking that you might indeed be a celebrity;
  •   tinted windows also reduce glare from the sun;
  •   tinting reduces radiated heat by up to 63%;
  •   UV radiation is reduced by 99%;
  •   a tinting film improves safety by reducing the risk of flying glass if you’re in a collision;
  •   security is increased thanks to the strengthened glass you have from the application of a tinting film – not to mention the deterrence against car crime;
  •   it protects the interior of your vehicle from damage and fading in constant sunlight;
  •   by protecting the interior, it helps to maintain the market value of your vehicle;
  •   it removes annoying – and potentially dangerous – headlight dazzle and glare from other vehicles;
  •   it improves the visual security of your vehicle;
  •   it reduces the cost of air-conditioning;
  •   it lets your passengers have a better view of car video and TV screens; and
  •   it enhances the colour and appearance of the windows.

If you are looking for car window tinting in Stockport, Manchester or anywhere in the Greater Manchester area, Stratton Smart might be one of the first places to turn. We have many years of experience in the window tinting business. We’ve worked on just about every conceivable make and model of vehicle. And here at Stratton Smart, we’re proud to boast many satisfied customers along the way.

The technique we use involves a product called Suntek/3m window tinting films, which we consider to be the best UV window tinting film on the market – with the widest range of shades and quality.

Professionally applied by our team of experienced experts, the film is free of any bubbles, fading, peeling, or any other fault. We are confident enough to offer a no-quibble lifetime guarantee that makes sure you never need to come back with the same vehicle twice.

The proprietary car window tinting service from Stratton Smart can be delivered straight to your door – at home or your workplace – by our team of mobile specialists, saving you time, inconvenience and the expense of inferior, alternative solutions.

Dashboard Holes

Some Stratton Smart specilaists offer a dashboard repair service for scuffs and scratches that can occur on these hard vinyl surfaces. We are also able to flawlessly fill the holes left in dashboards after the removal of mobile phone handset cradles. Stratton Smart specialists employ our professional colour matching technique on dashboard repairs too, ensuring that all dashboard repairs leave your car looking pristine and unblemished.


For a rapid and an expert velour car upholstery repair service, look no further than Stratton Smart. Some of our specialists can undertake a multitude of minor car upholstery repairs, such as unsightly cigarette burn holes, on both plain and patterned velour upholstery and carpets. Our colour matching system means that any repairs will be virtually undetectable, restoring your car’s interior to as good as new.

Vinyl and Leather Repairs

Minor tears or scuffs in leather or vinyl car seats & upholstery can actually take a lot of skill and experience to repair – fortunately, some of our Stratton Smart specialists make it look quick and easy! Vinyl and Leather repairs are available from a few of our Interior Trim Specialists, so if you require a professional, rapid, yet faultless car leather repair service, call us today to see if we have a technician in your area for a free no-obligation quote.


If you are looking for automotive paint repair in Stockport, Stratton Smart has the answer for you.

Even if you are in the Manchester or Greater Manchester area – or even further afield – look no further than us for a professional, quality assured and competitively priced paint job.

The Stratton Smart way repairs only that paintwork that need to be tackled – and to tackle it well. It means we can save you the expensive job of filling and repainting an entire body panel. Instead, we concentrate on repairing just the actual scuffs, dents, scratches and dings on the bodywork and even your alloy wheels.

By focusing on the minor paint repairs that need to be done, our fully mobile teams can give you:

  •   a service brought straight to your doorstep – whether that’s at home or where you work – and delivered by our fully equipped mobile workshops;
  •   work that is completed in just a fraction of the time – usually just a couple of hours;
  •   a high quality finish that meets every commercial standard; and
  •   a price that is much lower than you would have to pay using traditional body shop methods.

Having had more than 20 years in the field of car paint repair, and now supported by the largest network of repair specialists in the UK, we combine the best of locally focused service backed by a nationally recognised brand.

All of that time, we have had just two main objectives in mind – to deliver an exceptional standard of repair as well as excellent customer service. That’s why the Stratton Smart specialists you meet have every aspect of their work thoroughly assessed and why they are encouraged to develop existing skills through further accreditation.

At Stratton Smart we are fully aware of Health and Safety regulations on the control of hazardous isocyanate, It’s why we make sure that all chemicals and paint we use in our repairs are isocyanate free.

Returning the bodywork of your car to pristine condition not only gives you the satisfaction of driving an obviously well cared for vehicle, but creates a better impression on your customers and, of course, raises the resale value of your vehicle.

Whatever the make or model of your vehicle, at Stratton Smart we are able to make some of the quickest, most convenient and cost effective paint repairs available – whether that’s bumper scuffs, paintwork scratches or those annoying and unsightly scrapes where you’ve kerbed your alloy wheels.

Car Paint Repair

Car paint scratches are not only unsightly, but will drive down the resale value of your vehicle. Neglecting to undertake scratch removal or a chip repair on your car’s paintwork can also lead to chronic and escalating rust problems – meaning you could needlessly incur extra, but avoidable, costs in the future.

Previously, there was little incentive for car paint repair, thanks in part to the inconvenience of using costly car body repair outlets. But the good news is that with Stratton Smart’s Repair System, introduced to the UK over 20 years ago, there is now no excuse to leave those car scratches unattended.

  • Quick and Convenient Service
  • Professional Colour Matching
  • Car Body Repairs

Typically, a Stratton Smart car scratch repair will take just a few hours to complete, at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional body shop. During the process, colour matching is undertaken to the manufacturer’s original code specification. Therefore, instead of an expensive paint repair across a whole panel, our Stratton Smart professionals only need to paint the damaged area. So whether you need one single car scratch removal, or multiple scuffs repaired and removed, the work can be undertaken in a relatively short amount of time, restoring your car paintwork to pristine quality.

Stratton Smart is convenient too! Many of the Stratton Smart network offer a mobile paint scratch removal and car paint repair service, and some operate from fixed-base CarCare Centres with many offering a collect and return service or courtesy car option. Wherever you are, you can be assured that Stratton Smart will save you time and help you avoid the hassle of finding a suitable appointment to fit around. Whether you’re at home, work, or even away on holiday, as a specialised car scratch repair service, Stratton Smart specialists will go the extra mile to make sure our service is centred around you.

Bumper Scuffs and Bumper Repair

Car bumper scuff damage can not only harm the appearance of your vehicle, but also significantly affect its resale value. Rather than wasting money on an expensive complete bumper replacement, you can now restore your bumper to pristine condition with our Stratton Smart mobile bumper repair service.

As specialists in minor car body repairs with over 20 years experience, our bumper repairs and bumper scuff removal services can be carried out in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to undertake similar bumper repairs in traditional body repair shops. In fact, on average, it takes just a few hours to completely and professionally repair minor cosmetic damage to plastic and textured bumpers, ultimately saving you time and money.

  • Bumper scuffs, scratches, cracks and dents repaired
  • Professional colour and texture matching

Whether your car bumper is painted or textured, you can be assured that our Stratton Smart specialists will be able to completely repair and remove any minor cosmetic damage caused by bumper scuffs, cracks, scratches and dents. You can expect excellence and a high quality finish as standard with Stratton Smart – we cross check the manufacturer’s original colour code specification to ensure that the colour and texture of your bumper is seamlessly restored. And because we only need to restore the affected areas, bumper repairs carried out by Stratton Smart are extremely cost-efficient to complete.

You won’t find a more convenient service anywhere else – rather than having to find a way to fit in your painted or plastic bumper repair at an overpriced body shop, and lose your car for days at a time, our specialists can complete bumper scuff repairs within a few hours and have you back on the road in no time!

What’s more, all work carried out by Stratton Smart specialists is fully guaranteed and of the highest quality.

Head Lamp Restoration

Most headlight lenses on today’s vehicles are moulded plastic. That means that after a few years of use, you have probably noticed that the effects of the weather and road conditions have left the lenses faded and scratched.

In fact, your headlights get exposed to all kinds of corrosive forces – the likes of harmful UV rays, acid rain, bonded contaminants, other chemicals from the engine and the fumes of other vehicles, tree sap, bird lime, and squashed insects. This has a marked effect on the headlamp lenses, weakens them, and corrodes them from the outside inwards.

Deterioration of the lenses in this way not only detracts from the appearance of the vehicle, but if left untreated weakens the safety and effectiveness of the headlights themselves. As the cloudiness of the lenses quickly gets worse, it reduces the effectiveness of the headlights and reduces your visibility, making driving at night especially dangerous.

So, it is hardly surprising that the MOT test involves close scrutiny of your headlights and checks that the lenses and covers are in a good state of repair. Anything that alters the pattern of light passing through the lens, such as cracks, holes or even scratching could cause an MOT fail. If the beam pattern is blurred and the examiner cannot determine a distinctive cut off point, this is also a reason for failure.

To avoid these failures, but more importantly to restore the safety of your vehicle at night, you might do yourself a favour and let us perform a head lamp restoration service for your vehicle.

Stratton Smart’s team of head lamp restoration specialists are fully mobile, so can come to your home or visit your workplace for the few hours of work that might be needed to restore your headlights to a sparkling new appearance and enhanced effectiveness and safety. Our fleet of vans are equipped as mobile workshops, so you choose whatever place is convenient for you for the restoration work to be done

Whether you are a private or corporate customer, we pride ourselves in the excellence of the service we deliver – if you are in the Manchester or Greater Manchester area, or indeed anywhere else in the country.

Your vehicle represents an expensive investment and your safety in it is our priority. Our head lamp restoration services are designed to improve the appearance of your valuable vehicle and to restore its safety – especially when you are driving at night.

End of Lease Inspections

Vehicle leasing has become a widely popular alternative to owning a car. A lease allows you to drive a new vehicle practically all of the time, since you return the car at the end of the lease agreement and, if you so choose, lease another straight away.

For all the benefits of leasing, though, you need to be aware of the requirement to return the vehicle in good condition and an acceptable state of repair. Failure to do that is likely to leave you with some unexpected and unwelcome charges by the lease company.

The end of lease vehicle inspections you can instruct us to carry out here at Stratton Smart may alert you to any damage or what could be perceived to be unreasonable wear and tear so that you may carry out any necessary remedial work before handing back the vehicle – saving yourself the cost of additional lease company charges into the bargain.

What happens when you hand back a lease car?

You are likely to find that the lease company carries out a rigorous inspection and assessment when you return a vehicle, so as well as our own end of lease vehicle inspection, and reference to the details of the agreement you signed with the company, you might also want to check out that:

  •   you have had the vehicle serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule, and made sure that the service record is stamped each time before being returned to you with the vehicle – if any services have been missed the lease company is still likely to charge you for them and even add a further penalty for the reduction in market value if the vehicle does not have a complete service log;
  •   your lease agreement invariably has a mileage limit – and you will be charged a penalty if it is exceeded – so think about reducing your daily mileage as you near the end of the lease, in order to come within the mileage restrictions;
  •   if the vehicle needs an MOT test, make sure that you get it done – and that it passes – before handing in the certificate when you return the vehicle;
  •   make sure that all the documentation that you received when accepting the vehicle are there when you hand it back – in addition to the MOT certificate, this might include the V5 or log book, the service record and log, the user manual and any tax disc.

You also need to check that you are able to return all the keys that came with the vehicle – including any locking wheel nut – and that any immobilisers and remote locking devices are in working order.

Check that all the equipment supplied with the vehicle, including any spare wheel, jack and tool kit, emergency warning triangle, on-board computer, satellite navigation (including its data disc), in-car entertainment system and other accessories are all present and in good working order.

Remove any badges, labels or advertising unless otherwise agreed in advance with the lease company. If the removal of these items leaves marks on the paintwork or is the cause of any discoloration, this needs to be made good.

Finally, check that the tyres are within the legal tread limit and properly inflated and that all lights and indicators work.

At Stratton Smart, our end of vehicle lease inspections will ensure that when you hand back the car, you typically will not face penalties from the lease company.


Quality assurance

Stratton Smart pride ourselves on quality, that’s why all our work for 2 yrs. With all employee’s fully insured and accredited by industry governing bodies. Stratton smart technicians treat each car as if it was our own and take the upmost care when moving or working on your vehicle.


Professional Results

Using the latest in smart repair technology Stratton smart aim to stay ahead of the game, delivering results that are second to none. That’s why we are the trusted smart repairer for many main dealers and independent garages alike.


Vehicle appraisals.

We are specialists and have over 15 Yr’s experience working with main dealers, lease companies and individuals on a daily basis. So whether it be lease return or just a dent, scuff or alloy wheel repair all our appraisals FOC

Competitive Price

Always comparing competitors throughout our industry, rest a sure that when you receive a quotation from us you have a price that reflects our quality.


  • Mr Jones, Altrincham

    I managed to find a concreate bollard as I swung out of a parking space..ouch. I called Garth at Stratton Smart. By the next day my lovely VW was as good as new. Thanks to Terry for a super job nothing was too much trouble!

  • Customer in Ashton-under-Lyne

    On time and very honest, great service and more than helpful. I would recommend them 100%

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    Fabulous job on a nearly new car. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Garth at Stratton Smart.

  • Customer in Hyde

    Prompt – good quality work, pleasant guy.

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    Excellent service, very professional job in all aspects of the work

  • Customer in Stockport

    Punctual, explained what he was doing.

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    Very good. Invisible repair.

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    The two men who arrived to do the job were polite and professional. Job well done.

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    Very good

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    His service was first class. I was very happy with the work and recommended him to my neighbour.

  • Customer in Warrington

    The engineer was friendly and polite and the work carried out was excellent

  • Customer in Stockport

    Very good, very helpful, very friendly

  • Customer in Manchester

    Attended my home at specified time and repaired scratch to a high standard. Also polished out a small scratch I hadn’t seen at no extra charge

  • Customer in Wilmslow

    Very professional and friendly.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Efficient and go the extra mile to do a good job

  • Customer in Manchester

    Thoroughly professional – came back afterwards to make sure 100% satisfied

  • Customer in Stalybridge

    Very efficient and completed a good service. On time and very pleasant.

  • Customer in Warrington

    Garth collected my car, as before, and left his car in my drive, around 9.30,as agreed. He brought it back, after about 5 hours, but in the strong sunlight, I wasn’t happy with the paint match. Garth agreed to call in again two days later, to match it up better to my satisfaction. He called this morning,and spent a further three hours on it, and this time I was much happier with the match,in similar strong light. Garth was happy to make sure I was satisfied with his work, no matter how long it took. This is the second job he’s done for me,and I would definitely recommend him without reservation.

  • Customer in Altrincham

    Excellent service provided. Finished quickly by people who show a real pride and passion for their work

  • Customer in Stockport

    Prompt, precise, tidy, courteous workman. Work completed on time to high standard

  • Customer in Manchester

    I have use Stratton Smart Ltd. Before they are courteous and their work is good quality workmanship.

  • Customer in Warrington

    Excellent job and at a reasonable price! Reliable, even left his car, in case I needed to go out. Recommended.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Fantastic workmanship, done on time. Pleasant and courteous workman. Very tidy

  • Customer in Stockport

    Punctual, rapid and efficient.

  • Customer in Stockport, Upper

    Excellent work and service.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Gave a clear estimate which was honoured. Completed job well despite adverse weather conditions.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Very good service indeed.

  • Customer in Oldham

    A very professional service, a guy called Garth came to my work and carried out the repairs. But kept me informed all the way trough. Excellent service.

  • Customer in Macclesfield

    Great workmanship from Garth, thank you.

  • Customer in Stockport

    I was more then pleased with the finished result. You could not see where the bumpers had been repaired. Good all round service at a very fair price and a pleasant company to deal with.

  • Customer in Northwich

    The job was carried out promptly and efficiently and I thought it was reasonably priced

  • Customer in Manchester

    Very pleased with the results and service provided.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Professional, good time keeping, good communication, very good workmanship and trustworthy

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    Very good. Excellent workmanship. Quick response and very pleased with the service. Highly recommend.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Am happy with the work he did and I will use him again

  • Customer in Manchester

    Fantastic job. Faultless. Highly recommend. Very impressed. Good pricing.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Quick response. Very pleased with the service.

  • Customer in Stockport

    His service was perfect. Absolutely excellent

  • Customer in Stockport

    An efficient professional service.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Happy with the work and the guarantee verbally quoted (but not written).


Stratton Smart was founded by Garth Downs after 15 years experience in the industry as a local mobile vehicle repair specialist.

Stratton Smart is now focused on its growth with its private and corporate customer base, delivering service excellence to all of its customers. As a result Stratton Smart now covers all of Manchester and Greater Manchester with its fleet of vans with nationwide coverage planned for 2015.

Customers continue to return to the Stratton Smart team because of the care and attention the team pay to what is an expensive investment for people, their vehicle. The repair work can be carried out at your choice of location, making it as convenient as possible for you.

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