Alloy Wheel Refurb Stockport

Thanks to the specialised and expert techniques used by Stratton Smart, alloy wheel refurbishment comes to Stockport in a way that leaves them shiny and as polished as new.

Types of alloys

Alloy wheels come in many different designs and finishes – here are just some of those we specialise in refurbishing:


  • the wheel is cast in a single piece of aluminium, which is new polished to a near-mirror finish, and a clear lacquer applied on top;
  •   that’s what gives them that attractive appearance – when new;
  •   the effects of weathering, corrosion and normal chips and dents, can soon take the shine off that shiny new look, since polished alloys are not so practical when it comes to everyday use;
  •   even so, if corrosion is not too extensive, we can re-polish the outer edges of your alloys to take out the most common types of kerb damage and restore some of their original gloss;
  •   the very nature of polished alloys, though, might make it more worthwhile to go for a bespoke coloured or standard silver coating and polishing of the outer edge – which can be done from one of our mobile units, or at our main service centre;


  • these are just that – a two-part wheel, held together by screws or bolts holding together an inner and an outer part of the wheel;
  •   in most cases the outer edge will be polished and the centre colour coated;
  • the outer edge is generally polished, and this can be re-polished in the same way as regular polished alloys, with the centre repainted or re-sprayed in the normal way;
  • for this kind of treatment, the wheels need to be split into their two parts and that means the treatment may take longer than otherwise;
  • once again, relatively minor refurbishment of this type of alloy may be done from our mobile units or a more thorough refurbishment can be carried out at our main workshops;
  • if your wheels are so-called “fake” split rim alloys – where a single casting has fake studs or bolts to give the impression that they are two parts – you might need to contact us for further advice;


  • apart from the regular, polished, silver finish, your alloys may have been painted in some other bespoke finish – shades of grey, black, two colours, smoked chrome or even pink (yes, we have done that!);
  • just send us a photo of the colour you want to be restored and we’ll do our best to match it;


  • here the spokes are cut using a diamond tip and the faces polished to a mirror finish as in other cases of polished alloys;
  • the sides and backs of the spokes, however, typically have a coloured finish;
  • re-polishing can be carried out from our mobile units, but if you are prepared to wait a little longer – and spend more money on the job – treatment at our main workshop can restore these alloys to their original condition.


We are unable at the moment to re-chrome alloys. Please call for alternative suggestions.


Dented/buckled/need filler welding wheels – if the structure of the alloy has been damaged the wheel will most likely be unsafe for driving. We recommend to all customers that cracks, dents and completely miss-shapened alloys only be repaired as a last resort if no other alternatives can be found. The re-structuring of alloy casting will never be as strong as a new factory made one. Please call for advice.

So, if you are looking for alloy wheel refurbishment or repair in Stockport, why not give us at Stratton Smart a call?


  • Mr Jones, Altrincham

    I managed to find a concreate bollard as I swung out of a parking space..ouch. I called Garth at Stratton Smart. By the next day my lovely VW was as good as new. Thanks to Terry for a super job nothing was too much trouble!

  • Customer in Ashton-under-Lyne

    On time and very honest, great service and more than helpful. I would recommend them 100%

  • Customer in Warrington

    Fabulous job on a nearly new car. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Garth at Stratton Smart.

  • Customer in Hyde

    Prompt – good quality work, pleasant guy.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Excellent service, very professional job in all aspects of the work

  • Customer in Stockport

    Punctual, explained what he was doing.

  • Customer in Manchester

    Very good. Invisible repair.

  • Customer in Altrincham

    The two men who arrived to do the job were polite and professional. Job well done.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Very good

  • Customer in Glossop

    His service was first class. I was very happy with the work and recommended him to my neighbour.

  • Customer in Warrington

    The engineer was friendly and polite and the work carried out was excellent

  • Customer in Stockport

    Very good, very helpful, very friendly

  • Customer in Manchester

    Attended my home at specified time and repaired scratch to a high standard. Also polished out a small scratch I hadn’t seen at no extra charge

  • Customer in Wilmslow

    Very professional and friendly.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Efficient and go the extra mile to do a good job

  • Customer in Stalybridge

    Very efficient and completed a good service. On time and very pleasant.

  • Customer in Warrington

    Garth collected my car, as before, and left his car in my drive, around 9.30,as agreed. He brought it back, after about 5 hours, but in the strong sunlight, I wasn’t happy with the paint match. Garth agreed to call in again two days later, to match it up better to my satisfaction. He called this morning,and spent a further three hours on it, and this time I was much happier with the match,in similar strong light. Garth was happy to make sure I was satisfied with his work, no matter how long it took. This is the second job he’s done for me,and I would definitely recommend him without reservation.

  • Customer in Altrincham

    Excellent service provided. Finished quickly by people who show a real pride and passion for their work

  • Customer in Stockport

    Prompt, precise, tidy, courteous workman. Work completed on time to high standard

  • Customer in Manchester

    I have use Stratton Smart Ltd. Before they are courteous and their work is good quality workmanship.

  • Customer in Warrington

    Excellent job and at a reasonable price! Reliable, even left his car, in case I needed to go out. Recommended.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Fantastic workmanship, done on time. Pleasant and courteous workman. Very tidy

  • Customer in Stockport

    Punctual, rapid and efficient.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Professional, good time keeping, good communication, very good workmanship and trustworthy

  • Customer in Dukinfield

    Very good. Excellent workmanship. Quick response and very pleased with the service. Highly recommend.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Am happy with the work he did and I will use him again

  • Customer in Manchester

    Fantastic job. Faultless. Highly recommend. Very impressed. Good pricing.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Quick response. Very pleased with the service.

  • Customer in Stockport

    His service was perfect. Absolutely excellent

  • Customer in Stockport

    An efficient professional service.

  • Customer in Stockport

    Happy with the work and the guarantee verbally quoted (but not written).


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